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Quarry Hill Farm & Lime Kiln Wildlife Connector

Ed Delmolino’s 130-acre Quarry Hill Farm on Sheffield-Egremont Road has extensive cropland and road frontage making it susceptible to development. The property has many conservation values. Ecologically, it supports significant riparian buffers, wetlands, wildlife habitat and prevents fragmentation of the landscape. Scenically, it is part of the viewshed created by the Appalachian Trail Corridor and its fields and forest are integral to the experience along Sheffield-Egremont Road. Economically, it is a working farm supporting one of the largest dairy operations in Sheffield; it also supports agriculturally related businesses and the tourism industry and related businesses. Recreationally, it is a popular route for bikers, hikers, walkers and drivers along Sheffield-Egremont Road, and it abuts the Appalachian Trail and enhances the hiking experience. Historically, the barn and marble spring house are two of the historic structures on the property which is part of a historic landscape and adjoins the Shays Rebellion monument parcel, all of which are educational resources. The nearby 58-acre Lime Kiln Wildlife Connector links important natural and human communities and helps to create a greenway corridor that strategically links protected open spaces. The Sheffield-Egremont Agricultural, Ecological & Scenic Corridor is a rarity in the northeast, a relatively intact and unfragmented rural landscape. The current phase of this initiative, a combined 320-acres covering multiple properties along Sheffield-Egremont Road and at the junction with Lime Kiln Road, including Maple Shade Farm and Quarry Hill Farm, is the heart of the Corridor. SLT successfully raised funds and protected Quarry Hill Farm and the Lime Kiln Wildlife Connector. To make a contribution or pledge to other projects, please print and mail our donation or pledge form. Contributions to SLT are tax-deductible. Thank you!