Dedicated to protecting the land essential to Sheffield’s natural, scenic, agricultural and rural character
The Sheffield Land Trust
Since 1989 over 5,000 acres protected, including 18 farms
P.O. Box 940, 96 Main St., Sheffield, MA 01257-0940
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"Where there's a will there's a way"

Estate planning is an undertaking most of us engage in at some point in our lives and that process usually involves consideration of many factors, including possible bequests. When you are ready to proceed with the task of planning for your future, please consider including the Sheffield Land Trust. Including the Sheffield Land Trust in your estate giving plan will allow the work that you have shown such a deep appreciation for, through past donations, to continue on into the future — a wonderful legacy.

Not long ago, one of our long time members, Libby O’Connor, passed away. This is what her niece shared about how Libby left her estate:

Libby spent much of her professional life as a planned giving officer at some of the nation's best nonprofits. She saw how planned gifts can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of a nonprofit like the Sheffield Land Trust. Libby lived her beliefs, and in passing she left a generous bequest to the Land Trust.” —Catherine Fulton

The following is what another of our neighbors says about including the Sheffield Land Trust in planning:

“What the Sheffield Land Trust has accomplished is truly amazing. The working farmland and other open space make Sheffield a healthy and pleasant place to live. I have included the Land Trust in my will to help preserve this quality of life, especially for the children, well into the future.”
—Chris Nye

Making a legacy gift provides a way to accomplish your critical financial goals, and possibly reduce estate taxes, while supporting a cause imponant to you. Such a gift could also include property, securities or IRAs

Of course, while you should consult with you attorney and/or financial planner, we at Sheffield Land Trust, would welcome the opportunity to discuss this imponant decision with you in detail through our executive director, Kathy Orlando. She can be reached at 413-229-0234.

A bequest is the simplest and easiest way to make a significant gift to the Sheffield Land Trust after your lifetime.  It offers flexibility — you retain use of your assets and can make changes at any time to reflect your philanthropic and financial goals.  And a charitable bequest is deductible for federal estate tax purposes.  We advise that you obtain the assistance of an attorney when making or revising your will. There are several common forms of charitable bequest:

Cash Bequest
Designate a specific amount for Sheffield Land Trust.

Residuary Bequest
Direct all or a percentage of your estate to Sheffield Land Trust, after payment of cash bequests and estate-related expenses.

Bequest of Property
Direct a particular asset, such as real estate, securities, or tangible personal property, such as an antique or valuable art object, to Sheffield Land Trust.

Testamentary Trusts
Provide income for a spouse or other family member for life or a term of years, after which the remaining assets will pass to Sheffield Land Trust.

To leave a gift for Sheffield Land Trust the following language will help your attorney in preparing your will or in adding a codicil to your present will.

A Specific Bequest - a gift of a particular dollar amount or a particular asset:
I give, bequeath and devise (dollar amount or description of asset) to Sheffield Land Trust, Inc., now or formerly in the Town of Sheffield, 404 LeGeyt Road, in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, to be used for its general purposes.

A Residuary Bequest - a gift of all or part of the property remaining in your estate after debts, expenses, and specific bequests have been paid (usually stated as a percentage):
I give, bequeath and devise (all, or ____% of) the rest, residue, and remainder of the property, both real and personal, wherever situated, which I may own or be entitled to at my death, to Sheffield Land Trust, Inc., now or formerly in the Town of Sheffield, 404 LeGeyt Road, in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, to be used for its general purposes.

Sheffield Land Trust, Inc. (E.I.N. #04-3079035) is a tax-exempt corporation under Internal Revenue Service code section 501(c)(3) and is not classified as a private foundation. Your bequest is fully deductible against federal estate tax.