The Sheffield Land Trust
P.O. Box 940
96 Main St.
Sheffield, MA 01257-0940
Phone: 413 229-0234
Fax: 413 229-0239

We will recognize your gift in the following ways:

______ Conservator ($1,000-2,499)

______ Benefactor ($2,500-4,999)

______ Director's Circle ($5,000+)

______ Contributor ($1-24)

______ Member ($25-49)

______ Supporter ($50-99)

______ Partner ($100-249)

______ Sponsor ($250-499)

______ Patron ($500-999)

______ I prefer that my gift remain anonymous

______ Please contact me about a gift of securities

______My gift will be matched by my employer

I would like to make an additional tax deductible contribution of $ ______________ to the following land protection project funds (gifts are treated as unrestricted membership contributions unless otherwise indicated by the donor):

Project Funds

$_______ Sheffield-Egremont Agricultural, Ecological & Scenic Corridor to protect one of the most
                 iconic and beloved landscapes in the region recognized as a key area of importance in multiple
                 land trust, town and state plans for its agricultural soils, wildlife habitat and beauty.

                        $________ Bow Wow Farm - To protect the 400-acre Chase property consisting of fields,
                               forest, wetlands and uplands, and link the eastern and western ends of the Sheffield-
                               Egremont Corridor, preserving a working landscape and wildlife habitat extending
                               from the Housatonic River to the Taconic Mountains.

$_______ Community Recreational & Educational Trail Network toward the acquisition and
                stewardship of trail properties and easements to provide a network of public walking paths and
                an educational and recreational resource for students and town residents:

            $________ Deborah Reich Trail toward the acquisition of 21 acres of upland,
                               wetland and trails adjacent to the Southern Berkshire Regional School District campus
                               and its enhancement as a recreational and educational resource.

            $________ Ashley Falls Woods to establish walking paths and a recreational opportunity
                              within walking distance of the Village of Ashley Falls.

$________Housatonic River Corridor Agricultural & Ecological Initiative to preserve the riparian
                 corridor and watershed – the ecological and working landscapes - along both sides of the

            $________ River Lea Farm - for the preservation of 299 acres of tillable farmland, pasture,
                               woodland, ponds and wetland including farm buildings and extensive frontage along
                               the Housatonic River to help support one of the state's largest dairy operations.

General Funds to support the general operating and land protection activities of the Land Trust:

$________ General Membership Fund to support the general operations, land protection, outreach, education and other activities of the Sheffield Land Trust.

$________ Land Protection Fund for the cost of land and development rights acquisition, appraisals, surveys, closing costs and other expenses associated with land protection projects.

$________ Roger & Virginia Drury Stewardship Fund for the monitoring, maintenance and other costs of properties under Sheffield Land Trust management or stewardship.

$________ Sheffield Land Trust Endowment Fund for which the principal is invested and maintained for perpetual growth for the purpose of producing income and from which earned income and appreciation may be used for general operations and land protection expenses. (Minimum pledge $25K)

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Email: __________________________________________________________________________

______ Please contact me to discuss conservation options for my property and to review the potential income tax and estate tax benefits of these options.

______ I would like to volunteer my time or services to Sheffield Land Trust; I would be interested in learning more about the following committee(s):

_______Land Protection _______Funding & Financial Management _______Outreach & Education

Please remember Sheffield Land Trust when planning for your estate!

Thank you for your support!