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Community Recreational & Educational Trail Network

Cosgiriff & Dohoney Community Trail Properties - Two forested properties adjacent to the Southern Berkshire Regional School District campus contain trails through lovely uplands and wetlands that students have unofficially used for years. SLT is conserving these properties to secure a rare opportunity for students to safely walk to school and to provide a wonderful walking route for seniors and others who either are not able to do the more strenuous hiking that typifies the recreational opportunities in the area or are just looking for a more leisurely walk in the woods. The properties will be available as outdoor classrooms and we hope to eventually link these trails together and to the school's current interpretive nature trail. Initially we will be improving the footbridge on the former Cosgriff property and subsequently developing a small unpaved parking area on Salisbury Road. SLT is raising $328,000 from the community and other sources to purchase and make improvements to one property and place a conservation restriction on the other to create a quality recreational opportunity for all Sheffield residents. To make a contribution or pledge, please print and mail our donation or pledge form. Contributions to SLT are tax-deductible. Thank you!

Schneck Community Trail Property - The mostly wooded property, within walking distance of the village of Ashley Falls, includes a cobble, a former quarry and a partially completed trail. Emerick and Mary Schneck bought the land in 1950. Their two daughters approached the Land Trust about buying the property. As part of the agreement, a memorial plaque to Emerick and Mary would be placed on the property.

The Sheffield Land Trust has paid $10,000 for an option to buy these 24 acres on Rt. 7A in Ashley Falls from the estate of Emerick Schneck so it can become a recreational resource for area residents. The Land Trust has until January to come up with the purchase price of $225,000.

In addition to the purchase price, the Land Trust needs to cover money it has spend on appraisals, title searches and other such expenses. It expects to spend more on improvements to the semi-wild property. The existing trail will have to be improved and an extension added on the south side of the property to create a loop.


The Sheffield Land Trust is accepting donations and pledges toward purchase of the property before the option deadline in January 2015. Donations can be made out to Sheffield Land Trust with a note in the memo line for the Schneck Property. Or to make a contribution or pledge, please print and mail our donation or pledge form. Contributions to SLT are tax-deductible. Thank you!