Dedicated to protecting the land essential to Sheffield’s natural, scenic, agricultural and rural character
The Sheffield Land Trust
Since 1989 over 5,000 acres protected, including 18 farms
P.O. Box 940, 96 Main St., Sheffield, MA 01257-0940
413 229-0234;


Challenge Grants

What lasting impact do you want to have that SLT can help fulfill?

During the next five years, Sheffield Land Trust will need to raise over $3 million to achieve its land protection goals and meet the associated financial obligations.

Investing in conservation now will have a lasting impact on Sheffield's future agricultural, ecological and economic health.

Multi-year pledges allow contributors to spread donations of $5,000 or more over several years. They also provide SLT with the financial security to identify and conserve properties that are crucial to preserving Sheffield's natural, scenic, agricultural and rural character now and for future generations.

Membership contributions, gifts of $1,000 or more, challenge grants and bequests are also ways that you can help SLT achieve its operating and project fund raising goals! View SLT's most recent IRS Form 990.

To make a contribution or pledge, please print and mail our donation or pledge form. Contributions to SLT are tax-deductible. Thank you!

Protecting Special Places Now and For the Future

Challenge Grant Fund
Challenge Grants encourage members to increase their annual giving by matching the contributions of those members meeting the Challenge Grant parameters for that year as determined in cooperation with our Challenge Grant donors. Challenge Grants have increased giving to annual Membership Campaigns by as much as 30%. Your gift of $10,000 or more to the Challenge Grant Fund can maximize the impact of your own and others' contributions.

Land Protection Fund
Contributions are used for land and development rights acquisition, appraisals, surveys, closing costs and other expenses associated with land protection projects. The Land Protection Fund ensures that SLT can accept and complete both small and large projects in all parts of Sheffield, and can respond rapidly to opportunities to conserve properties at risk.

Roger & Virginia Drury Stewardship Fund
Named in honor of Roger Drury, a visionary SLT founder and Board member, and his wife, Virginia, an active committee member and land protection advocate, the Stewardship Fund ensures that SLT can monitor, maintain and cover ongoing costs for properties it owns or on which it holds conservation restrictions. This is a responsibility that SLT holds in perpetuity. The Stewardship Fund also provides for SLT to legally defend the provisions of a conservation restriction if necessary.

Sheffield Land Trust Endowment Fund
The Endowment Fund ensures that SLT will have the resources to continue to protect land as well as to make sure conserved properties stay conserved. Endowment Fund principal is invested and maintained for perpetual growth for the purpose of producing income, and earned income and appreciation may be used for general operations and land protection expenses. (Minimum pledge $25K)